Series Review: Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi.

Since it is the first day of fall today, I believe it is time to do a time warp to talk about one of the hidden jewels of the Summer 2012 season: Uta Koi.


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La storia della Arcana Famiglia Series Review


Arcana Famiglia. Arcana Famiglia. Oh Arcana Famiglia. I had such high hopes for you.

I usually wait until after the third episode before making a judgement call and I totally ignored what my judgement call told me after episode 3 and kept on watching this show. I regret that now. Since I have a “no dropping policy” I stuck with this until the end.

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Game Review: Star Project!

Idol Singers, movie stars, and supermodels! Oh my!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Star Project! Where you, the player, gets to help lead young men into stardom and find love along the way!

Star Project is a browser based Otome game from South Korea. It was translated and re-voiced into Japanese and then the Japanese version was translated into English while keeping the Japanese seiyuu. In the Korean and Japanese versions, there are many different idols you can unlock and play but in the English version, only one of the male idols,Touya, is available. This review is going to based off of Touya’s route.

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