Sequel to Project K has been Announced!

During today’s broadcast of the last episode of Project K, it was announced that a sequel was in the works.

When it will air, no one knows. However, I am very excited about this. Project K is one of my favorite animes from this season. I can’t wait to see what the sequel will be about.

[Source: ANN]


New Trailer for the Madoka Magica movies

If you haven’t heard already, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is getting two (or three?) movies. Two of which are premiering in October and within days of each other. These two movies are covering the entire series.

This new trailer features a new song by the pop duo ClariS who sung the opening for the tv series.

The Madoka Magica movies will premiere on October 6th and 13th.

[Source: Youtube and The Official Madoka Magica site]