La storia della Arcana Famiglia Series Review


Arcana Famiglia. Arcana Famiglia. Oh Arcana Famiglia. I had such high hopes for you.

I usually wait until after the third episode before making a judgement call and I totally ignored what my judgement call told me after episode 3 and kept on watching this show. I regret that now. Since I have a “no dropping policy” I stuck with this until the end.

The reasons why it took so long for me to finish and write this review is because A) I’m a senior in college and thus I have a lot of schoolwork and B) it was a struggle to get through the first few episodes. Live watching it with a certain image board helped a little but not by much.

So this is one of the anime that I was looking forward to during the 2012 summer season. I love otome games and reverse harems and the premise seemed really cool. I have yet to play the game itself and after watching the series I’m starting to wonder if that is a good thing or not. I did however find out that the anime followed the common route of the game and so I found someone’s walkthrough of the common route. After reading the common route, I finished watching the anime and I was greatly disappointed.

No. Disappointed is not the word I want to use here. It doesn’t ever cover what I felt after watching this. I felt angry and mad and I haven’t felt this mad at a show since Guilty Crown. I understood why they did the common route instead of a romantic route but I kinda wish they would have. Maybe it would have been better. One of the things I did not like was adding people to scenes when they weren’t there in the first place. The large focus on Libertà and Nova in some of the episodes made me think at times that J.C. Staff was doing a romantic route but then they would go back onto the common route. It got to the point where I just watched it for Luca, Pace, Debito and Jolly.

The official subs even asked why I was still watching this show.

Yes, these are the real subs. I shit you not.

At this point I guess I was hoping that it would get better.

Art: 6/10- Oh J.C. Staff, what are we going to do with you? Honestly, this show could have been animated better and given how the Little Busters anime looks it’s like they barely tried. Luckily, it is not on Polyphonica levels of bad, but still. Some of the character designs were good like the Mama, Luca, and Jolly. But there was a lot of QUALITY in some points. I did like the background art and there were some scenes that were animated wonderfully however.

Story: 5/10- It was enjoyable at times but the story was very lacking. It really felt like it was jumping all over the place. The ending also was very unsatisfying. The one thing that would have redeemed it is if they had the “Best” ending which had Donna Felicita but we didn’t even get that.

Character: 5/10- My only problem was that we didn’t learn more about the other Arcana family members but instead the show was focused more on Felicity, Nova, and Libertà. That kinda disappointed me since the other members looked very entertaining and I would have loved it if they were shown more in the show.

Sound: 8/10- Despite everything else, the seiyuu did just fine, in fact they were awesome. I loved the voices and they really got into the character. The music and BGM for this anime was great too and I loved it. This is starting to feels like an Umineko anime kind of situation. The music and seiyuu were awesome, but everything else sucked.

Overall, I give the anime version of La storia della Arcana Famiglia a 3.5 out of 5. I hope I can get my hands on a copy of the game so I can play it myself and forget this show ever existed.


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